Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alright, so I've been getting a lot more followers/viewers lately so I've decided to branch out from just life hacks in general. I'm going to try to add things that are relevant to making life easier but I'll also be posting some off topic material XD. Sorry for not putting the video directly on blogger, I was having some issues uploading them.

Today, I just wanted to introduce two youtube channels that you may or may not have heard about. First off is Kipkay's channel.  KipKay is known for his gadget-creating videos and tinkering with electronics. His instructional videos are about the recreation of devices to better one's personal quality of life, built mostly from around the house objects.  He also sometimes does pranks and things such as in the url below

Another lesser known channel I want to introduce is watawin.  It's kind of like the ever so popular failblog but instead of showing fails, it shows wins.  The link here here is to one of my favorites.

And here are some more random life hacks


  1. haha thats cool i will actually do that

  2. D= That shirt is TOO perfect. Thats just unnatural

  3. I literally posted a tutorial video on how to do that shirt technique the other day. It's all about how you pinch the shirt.

  4. I can never get such a perfect fold using that method :(